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2nd-Jul-2012 06:23 pm
Leverage_ TeamThief pink letters

You love Leverage? You can't get enough of the show? Even fanfic and graphics aren't enough for you? Then maybe it's time you joined leverageland!

leverageland is a challenge community with lots of different challenges. There are a lot of graphics and writing challenges, but also luck challenges & games. We're just starting our 7th round (or heist, as we call it *g*) and would love to have you join us!

There are four teams: Team Grifter, Team Hacker, Team Hitter and Team Thief. (I'm on Team Thief, obviously. \o/ GO Team! Ask for Team Thief on your application!)

[Clicking on the recruitment poster above will take you to the sign-up post... *g* Please tell the mods that seraphina_snape sent you!]

posted with permission
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